This blog is the result of my obsession with the natural world. I started off sharing the stories of my birdwatching adventures around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. The more I adventured, the more I fell in love with.I became fascinated by bugs. I started wanting to identify lichen and sundew. My love of nature became an obsession.

It became so big that I eventually created separate blogs around each obsession. This allows me to dive into what makes a species or an area special and share related resources.

Birdwatching Around Geelong

I love birdwatching. This was the gateway into all my other nature obsessions. There is a strong focus on places around Geelong that are accessible by public transport.

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Exploring The Shallows

I fell in love with marine life by exploring the rockpools around Apollo Bay. I started by photographing the animals that were easy to discover. Now I seek to discover new creatures and document interesting behaviour.

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Bugs, Bugs And More Bugs

Terrestrial invertebrates are fascinating.

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Exploring Plants

I quickly realized that I would have to understand the plant life in order to find a lot of the animals that interested me. I have a particular obsession with moss, fungi and lichen.

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The Anxious Hiker

I love hiking – but I also have a severe anxiety disorder! Here I document my hiking adventures as I recover from my latest mental health relapse.

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The Property

In December, 2015, my parents bush block was destroyed in the Scotsburn fire. I’ve been documenting how the flora and fauna have been recovering.

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Mammal Watching

A growing hobby. Very few posts, but I am hoping to go on specific trips to look for mammals.

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