Fungi at Distillery creek: Mid Winter


The fungi here¬†was¬†different to Moggs Creek. We didn’t find much diversity along the nature trail itself, but started to find some when heading over to the main picnic ground to head to the loo. It may be worth doing the walk between the picnic grounds to see what I can find. Bracket Jelly Fungus

July 17, 2018

Fungi at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground


Moggs Creek is a fantastic location for fungi. The walk here is damper and not used as much as the one at Distillery Creek. I found a lot more diversity in fungi. I struggled to photograph it all as my legs were struggling with the walk. Lack of fitness aside, I believe that this walk […]

July 16, 2018

Black Shouldered Kite Near Rippleside

Geelong And Surrounds

Yesterday, Seth and I were walking from St Helens Park to Eastern Beach to test out my Gopro. We hadn’t seen much along the (new) path between St Helens and Rippleside. Then we saw a kite in the distance. Awesome! I didn’t bother trying to get a photo as it was too far away. Minutes […]

July 15, 2018

Lichen And Moss At Aireys Inlet In Winter

Lichen, Moss

Yesterday, I explored some of the Aireys Inlet picnic grounds with Carolyn. The main goal was to find fungi and orchids, yet I had an ulterior motive: moss and lichen. These picnic grounds are a pain-in-the-butt to get to via public transport so I was pretty stoked. I wasn’t disappointed. There was a lot of […]

July 14, 2018

Property Visit: June 24

The Property

My parents had some done work at the property to clean it up. It was very much needed. It looked so much cleaner afterwards – similar to what it was like before the fires hit. There was some minor damage done by the tyres but this was unavoidable. The area will recover; it just may […]

June 25, 2018

Ladybird Larval Casing Under A Microscope


Yesterday, I was visiting family to celebrate the end of the semester. Seth decided to test out the microscope, so I quickly went into the backyard to round up interesting things to look at. It was cool seeing what appeared to be cells in flower petals and a blade of grass. Below are images that […]

June 12, 2018

Returning To The Property: June 2

After The Fires, Plants

My parents returned to the property last weekend to check on a couple of things that we didn’t do the previous weekend. I asked to tag along. I had a slight panic attack due to losing my phone on a 15+ acre property… while it was on silent! We found it after a while but […]

June 4, 2018

Fungi: Bday weekend


As mentioned in my last post, one of the main reasons I wanted to go up to the property on my birthday was to suss out the fungi. The fungi groups on Facebook had been going nuts, including areas close to Ballarat so I was keen to check it out. We didn’t have much luck. […]

May 30, 2018